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    33= Reporting and maintaining bugs for QtWebKit =
     5== Where to report bugs ==
     6Bugs are reported together with other ports on WebKit Bugzilla. Please use the template shortcut [] to make sure your bug report appear in the appropriate filters. For more detailed information see the [#Bugfieldsdescription bug fields description].
    58== Properties of a good bug report ==
    69To pass through triaging and get the chance to be fixed, a bug report should contain information allowing a developer to reproduce the problem quickly and easily on different versions without having to understand the problem first.
    7 If you can add more information to a bug that got closed as invalid, please re-open it.
     10If you can provide more information about a bug that got closed as invalid, please re-open it.
    912Serious bug reporters might also want to have a look at the [ steps to report a bug] and the [ reporting guidelines] applying to the whole WebKit project.
    1417 * For bugs of more platform-related features, a zip file containing a C++ source file and a .pro file compilable by typing {{{qmake && make}}} might be required
    16 === Included stack trace for crashes ===
    17 TODO
     19=== Extra information for crashes ===
     20If you unfortunately encounter a crash using !QtWebKit, the most important step to allow it being fixed is to reproduce it.
     21 * Try to reproduce the crash more than once. Describe as best as you can the steps required to reproduce it.
     22 * If your can run a debug build of !QtWebKit and attach a stack trace of the crash to the bug report, this would further help the investigation.[[BR]]'''Note: ''' The debug builds of Qt do not include debugging information for !QtWebKit by default to prevent linking problems. A debug build from trunk or a nightly package of !QtWebKit is currently required to extract reliable stack traces.
    1924== Useful filters for QtWebKit bugs ==