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     1= Contributing to the Qt Port of WebKit =
     3[ Staikos Computing Services Inc] is hosting a  [;a=summary public git repository] of the QtWebKit port.
     5== Reporting Bugs ==
     7Bug report submissions should be submitted to the [ webkit bugzilla] using the QtWebKit product according to the standard [ reporting guidelines].
     9== Checking out the sources ==
     10Developers who wish to contribute to the QtWebKit port can check out the sources like so:
     13git clone git://
     16== Information on Git for QtWebKit developers ==
     18 * [ A Git cheat sheet]
     19 * [ An excellent article on Git for computer scientists]
     21== Obtaining Check-In Privileges ==
     23Contributors with a proven track record of good patch submissions and that have demonstrated an ability to work well with the community can obtain check-in privileges to the QtWebKit git repository. 
     25The various branches of the QtWebKit git repository mirror the branches in the [ public webkit svn repository].  Patches that land on a branch in the QtWebKit git repository are not automatically pushed to the public webkit svn repository.  Patches intended for the upstream public webkit svn repository must first be reviewed and then committed by developers with [ sufficient privileges].
     27Patches that are not specific to the QtWebKit port of the webkit project should not be submitted to the QtWebKit git repository rather they should be contributed directly to the upstream public webkit svn repository.
     29To obtain check in access to the QtWebKit git repository the contributor should send a public ssh key to the [ administrator] of the repository.