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    2121This repository has the QtWebKit staging branches and other branches specific to the QtWebKit port.
     23== Submitting a patch ==
     24When using a git repository to access the sources, the steps to submit a patch are roughly as follows. Please see the WebKit project's page about [ contributing] for more information.
     25 * Make your changes
     26 * Add a [ layout test]
     27 * Run the {{{WebKitTools/Scripts/check-webkit-style}}} script.
     28 * Run the {{{WebKitTools/Scripts/run-webkit-tests}}} script to make sure that your changes don't introduce any regression.
     29 * Run the {{{WebKitTools/Scripts/prepare-ChangeLog}}} script to create an entry for your changes in each relevant ChangeLog file.
     30 * Edit the ChangeLog files reported by the prepare-ChangeLog script:
     31   * If you work on a task without bug report on yet, create a bug report. Use the severity "Enhancement" if your patch is an improvement and not related to a bug.
     32   * Add a short description and paste the bug URL below it. Add an extra line and a detailed description if necessary.
     33   * Precede the short description with "[Qt]" if your patch is specific to the Qt port of WebKit.
     34   * The description text should be the same in all ChangeLog files.
     35   * Keep the "Reviewed by NOBODY (OOPS!)." line in the ChangeLog files, it will be edited by the bot or person that will commit your fix.
     36 * Do a {{{git diff > patchname.patch}}} to create your patch (use {{{--cached}}} if you first did a {{{git add}}} to put your changes in the git index)
     37 * Attach the patch to the bug report, set the {{{review}}} flag to '?' and the {{{commit-queue}}} flag to '?'
     38 * Wait :)
    2340== Hacking on QtWebKit ==