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     2= Contributing documentation to QtWebKit =
     4UNDER CONSTRUCTION! This wiki page contains the information that is relevant for technical writers contributing documentation to QtWebKit.
     6QtWebKit comes with extensive documentation for C++ developers, and we'd like to extend the documentation also for web developers.
     8The documentation sources are in qdoc format, stored together with the source code in the WebKit SVN. Documentation contributions are submitted to the project similarly as source code contributions -- for instance, documentation changes need to be reviewed before they are committed.
     10The C++ API documentation is included in line in the C++ source files. Standalone documentation articles are in the WebKit/qt/docs directory.
     12The qdoc markup is a simple wiki-like format. The qdoc tool is documented here: For Windows users, the easiest way to get the qdoc3 command line tool is to install the Qt SDK for Windows and add the bin directory to the PATH.
     14== Checking out the sources ==
     16Since the documentation is stored together with the source code, also technical writes need to check out the sources. In this wiki, we describe how to do this using the [ public git repository]
     17hosted at []. This is a mirror of the WebKit SVN repository.
     20git clone git://
     23To see the remote branches you just fetched do:
     25git branch -r
     28For the tags simply do:
     30git tag
     33And to switch to a branch or a tag simply use {{{git checkout}}}
     35== Submitting a documentation contribution ==
     37When using the git repository to access the sources, the steps to submit a patch are roughly as follows. Please see the WebKit project's page about [ contributing] for more information.
     38 * Make your changes in the webkit source code directory. Typically, you would change  existing qdoc files or create new qdoc files.
     39 * Run the {{{WebKitTools/Scripts/prepare-ChangeLog}}} script to create an entry for your changes in each relevant ChangeLog file.
     40 * Edit the ChangeLog files reported by the prepare-ChangeLog script:
     41   * If you work on a task without bug report on yet, create a bug report. Use the severity "Enhancement" if your patch is an improvement and not related to a bug.
     42   * Add a short description and paste the bug URL below it. Add an extra line and a detailed description if necessary.
     43   * Precede the short description with "[Qt]" since your documentation patch is specific to the Qt port of WebKit.
     44   * The description text should be the same in all ChangeLog files.
     45   * Keep the "Reviewed by NOBODY (OOPS!)." line in the ChangeLog files, it will be edited by the bot or person that will commit your fix.
     46 * Do a {{{git diff > patchname.patch}}} to create your patch (use {{{--cached}}} if you first did a {{{git add}}} to put your changes in the git index)
     47 * Attach the patch to the bug report, set the {{{review}}} flag to '?' and the {{{commit-queue}}} flag to '?'
     48 * Wait :)
     50== Building the documentation articles  ==
     52To build the QtWebKit documentation simply run {{{make docs}}} in your build directory, i.e. {{{WebKitBuild/Release}}}. The output will be generated in HTML in the {{{doc/html}}} subdirectory.
     54If you also need to work on the C++ API documentation that refers to the Qt API documentation, then you need to build Qt from sources. See for more information.
     56== Communication ==
     58We can use the QtWebKit [ webkit-qt Mailing List] and the #qtwebkit IRC channel on to discuss documentation, too.