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Overview of QtWebKit 2.1

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! This page is a draft that may still contain errors.

QtWebKit 2.1 is a web content engine based on the open source WebKit project. QtWebKit has broad support for modern web technologies and is compliant with typical web content. QtWebKit is developed as a part of the WebKit community, which enables every new release of QtWebKit to include the latest developments from the WebKit project. As a general indicator of web compliance, QtWebKit passes all current ACID tests (1 to 3).

QtWebKit has a C++ API that allows Qt applications to embed web content, and to examine and manipulate the web content. The QtWebKit C++ API is extensively documented in the QtWebKit documentation.

QtWebKit 2.1 is an independent QtWebKit release that is not currently included in any Qt releases, so QtWebKit 2.1 is not covered by commercial Qt support from Nokia. QtWebKit 2.1 has been verified on Qt 4.7.


QtWebKit 2.1 runs on the following platforms:


What's new in QtWebKit 2.1

The highlights of the QtWebKit 2.1 release are listed here

  • Touch Events and "gesture" events (TransformAction event)
  • Tactile feedback support in CSS
  • HTML5 Geolocation API
  • HTML5 Progress element
  • Viewport meta tag
  • Spatial navigation (navigating the web page with arrow keys)
  • A new plug-in interface for platform-specific implementation of select elements, and touch-optimized plugins for Symbian and MeeGo platforms
  • A beautiful style for input elements on mobile platforms
  • Test suites for the following HTML5 or CSS features:
    • Canvas element
    • Application cache
    • CSS Animations
    • CSS Transitions
    • CSS 2D Transforms
    • CSS Text
    • CSS Masks
    • CSS ScrollBar Styles
  • JIT compilation (Symbian)

JavaScript JIT

Just-in-time (JIT) compilation for JavaScript is supported on the following platforms:

  • Mac OS X, 64-bit and 32-bit
  • Windows desktop platforms when using Microsoft Visual C++ or gcc 4.1 or higher (MinGW). 32-bit build only; JIT is not supported on 64-bit builds on Windows.
  • Linux on x86 platforms with gcc 4.1 or higher
  • Linux on ARM (Thumb-2 JIT is not currently used)
  • Linux on MIPS architecture, maintained by MIPS Technologies.
  • Symbian

Netscape Plug-in API

QtWebKit supports the Netscape Plug-in API on X11, Windows, and Mac OS X.


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