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    8484Chrome's extention are allowed to manipulate pages content using [ content scripts] and can communicate with the extension's script using [ messages]. Doing the same kind of stuff is one way I see how to prevent the developer from having to tediously load a C++ module in the web process.
     86Simon: I agree, C++ modules are tedious compared to script injection. A direct export-QObject-pointer-to-JS API may not make sense anymore, but for compatibility I think
     87we'll have to continue to offer that in the WebKit1 API library. That could still be done through V8 and QtScript-QObject bindings.
    8689=== Discussion ===
    8790noamr: I think that this is a good direction. A big question yet to be answered is how much hybrid support we need going forward with WebKit2. If we enable QML with WebKit2, do we enable the javaScriptWindowObjects property? or do we go with something a bit different like allowing communication with the container via channel messaging?
     92simon: I like the idea of a channel messaging as an API, especially when on the QML side the messages could be received in "onMessageReceived:" alike signal handlers
     93and posted via QML's JavaScript.