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    1 '''NOTE: This is a proposal in progress.'''
     188'''NOTE: This is a proposal in progress.'''
    33The purpose of QtWebKit gardening is to keep the Qt build and test bots green. There are a number of tasks for the gardener:
     5 * Reacting to bot redness.
    56 * Maintaining the LayoutTests skip lists.
    67 * Maintaining the LayoutTests expected results.
    78 * Maintaining the Qt API tests.
    8  * Reacting to bot redness.
     10Let's look at each one in detail...
     12== Maintaining the LayoutTests skip lists ==
     14These are currently the QtWebKit skip lists (black lists for LayoutTests):
     16 * LayoutTests/platform/qt/Skipped
     17 * LayoutTests/platform/qt-4.8/Skipped
     18 * LayoutTests/platform/qt-arm/Skipped
     19 * LayoutTests/platform/qt-linux/Skipped
     20 * LayoutTests/platform/qt-mac/Skipped
     21 * LayoutTests/platform/qt-win/Skipped
     22 * LayoutTests/platform/qt-wk2/Skipped
     24The "qt" list (LayoutTests/platform/qt/Skipped) is common and applies to all platforms. The other lists are for failures that are specific to that platform.
     26When a test starts failing, or a new test is added and fails on the Qt bot(s), the first thing to do is poking the person who caused the failure. If they are unavailable or insufficiently responsive, add the test to the appropriate Qt skip list and file a bug about it.
     28Regression bugs should have a title with format "REGRESSION(r######): [Qt] blah blah blah".
     31 * REGRESSION(r12345): [Qt] New test fast/images/super-cute-cat.html failing.
     32 * REGRESSION(r67890): [Qt] Caused three tests in canvas/philip/ to fail.
     34The bugs should be marked with the keywords "Qt, QtTriaged, Regression". The CC list should include the developers who authored and reviewed the offending changeset.