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    11'''NOTE: This is a proposal in progress.'''
    3 The purpose of QtWebKit gardening is to keep the Qt build and test bots green. There are a number of tasks for the gardener:
     3The purpose of QtWebKit gardening is to keep the Qt build and test bots green. It's a responsibility shared by all QtWebKit developers, though to be efficient you do need WebKit commit privileges.
     5There are four main tasks for the gardener:
    57 * Reacting to bot redness.
    1012Let's look at each one in detail...
     14== Reacting to bot redness ==
    1216== Maintaining the LayoutTests skip lists ==
    4044For the text results, this is often as simple as running "webkit-patch rebaseline" and grabbing the results from the Qt bot. The screenshot (PNG) results are a little trickier, as they are currently not dumped by the bot, and need to be generated manually. These tests should be generated in an environment equivalent to that of the bot, i.e [ the Q-BAT VM from Szeged].
     46== Maintaining the Qt API tests ==
     48The Qt API tests live in Source/WebKit/qt/tests/ and are part of the bot rotation. Although a failing API test currently does not make the bot flip red, it's important that we maintain the tests regardless.
     50The procedure is very similar to the LayoutTests, though we should have slightly higher tolerance for non-Qt WebKit developers inadvertently breaking our API tests. (This because our API takes some "artistic liberties" with regard to layering violations in more than a few places.)
     52Skip the failing test (or the failing sub-portion of the test if you are able to) by adding a [] QSKIP() statement. Open a bug about the failure, "Qt, QtTriaged, Regression", CC'ing the appropriate people, and adding a comment with a reference to the bug# along with the QSKIP().