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Branch Overview

There are three types of branches in the QtWebKit Git repository:

  • <username>/* : This is where developers publish their changes. You can have as many so-called topic branches as you like. For example holger/crash-fix would be a name for such a topic branch.
  • qtwebkit: This is the main development branch. Currently only Lars and Simon can update this branch. If you feel comfortable enough with Git we can add you.
  • svn/* such as svn/master or svn/Safari-3-branch. The branches prefixed with svn/ are read-only and are mirrored from the WebKit Subversion repository.


Getting Started

  • Clone your git repository from git+ssh://
  • After that you will have one local branch called qtwebkit.

Step-by-step instructions

(Note: Substitute simon/crash-fix accordingly)

  • Create a local topic branch: git checkout -b simon/crash-fix origin/qtwebkit
  • After that you will be on a local simon/crash-fix branch.
  • Now you can hack away and commit as many changes as you want.
  • To publish your changes for the first time run the following command: git push origin simon/crash-fix
  • You can continue hacking and if you want to publish more changes you can just run git push
  • If you want to merge the latest changes from the qtwebkit branch run this:
    git fetch
    git merge origin/qtwebkit
  • When you are happy with your changes and they have been merged into the qtwebkit branch you can delete your branch on the public repository using git push origin :simon/crash-fix
  • After deleting the branch on the public repository you can also delete it locally:
    • Switch to a different branch, such as qtwebkit: git checkout qtwebkit
    • Delete the branch: git branch -D simon/crash-fix

Switching from the Trolltech Labs repository

All you have to do is to adjust your origin. Edit the .git/config file and look for the [remote "origin"] section. Change the the url = ... line to read url = git+ssh://