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Week 16

  • DOM API:
    • Add support for wrapping QWebElement in QVariant and return it in the new API, such a scriptProperty() or callScriptFunction. In the long run we would like to deprecate QWebFrame::evaluateJavaScript in favour of a function that returns a QScriptValue... (Simon)
    • Extend documentation with lots of snippets. (Simon)
    • Demos & Examples. (Ariya)
    • Rename wrap() to wrapWith() (Kenneth)
    • Rename QWebElementSelection to QWebElementCollection (Antonio)
    • Fix name of XML scope (Antonio)
    • Change xml argument name to markup (Tor Arne)
  • Work on X11 Flash focus handling (Kenneth)
  • Work on X11 Flash resizing (Antonio)
  • Backport critical fixes from the trunk (Ariya)

Week 15

  • Kenneth and Antonio from INdT Brazil join us in Oslo for a WebKit code camp.
  • Starting a three week sprint to hack lots of stuff
  • Begin QtSoftware internal API reviews
  • Kenneth and Antonio started working on X11 Flash focus problems

Week 14

  • Work on the DOM API

Week 6, 2-8 Feb

  • Documentation Fixes
  • Support for ownership models for addToJavaScriptWindowObject
  • Fixed Gradient Rendering
  • Fix updates for NPAPI plugins on Qt/Mac
  • Fix mapping from QByteArray to JS and back

Week 4, 19-25 Jan

  • Fixed even propagation of key events that match text editing commands (Simon)
  • Investigating why reverse text find is broken with !ICU search buffer - Fixed by Darin in 40206 (Simon)
  • Compile fixes from Urs Wolfer
  • We are looking into the option of hosting the Qt build bot at the University of Szeged.

Week 3, 12-18 Jan

  • Stabilization and bugfixing continues (done in trunk, cherry-picked into git branch)

Week 2, 5-11 Jan

  • Static build on Windows (Ariya) r39676
  • Prepared/updated the branch shared/qtwebkit-4.5 for Qt 4.5 (Ariya)

Week 1, 1-4 Jan


Week 45, 3-7 Nov

Week 44, 27-31 Oct

  • Meet-up with Google Chromium team
  • Meet-up with Apple WebKit team

Week 43, 20-24 Oct

Week 42, 13-17 Oct

Week 41, 6-10 Oct

  • Merge Mac plugin branch to qtwebkit-4.5 (Tor Arne, Simon)
  • Branch qtwebkit-4.5-tp1 (Simon)
  • Build fix without Phonon (Simon)

Week 40, 29 Sep - 3 Oct

  • Finish Mac plugin for review (Tor Arne)
  • Pick webkit trunk to qtwebkit-4.5 (Simon) r37064
  • Build fixes in Qt support platforms
    • linux-icc (Simon)
    • win32-mingw (Ariya)
  • Update autotests (Simon)