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Weekly Build Week 9

This week's binary build from the trunk includes Symbian, Windows/Visual Studio 2008, Mac OS X and Linux (x86) builds. The last commit is SVN revision 55572.

DISCLAIMER: These binaries are UNTESTED. Use at your own risk'''

Known issues:

  • You need to have Qt 4.6 installed on your system and set your PATH/LD_LIBRARY_PATH accordingly, so that QtLauncher can find the Qt libraries.
  • QtLauncher crashes on exit on Mac OS X
  • On Windows you may need Visual Studio 2008 runtimes. These can be obtained by installing the Visual Studio 2008 Express edition. Alternative I _think_ it's sufficne to install the 2008 runtimes via vcredist_x86.exe once. You can download the runtimes from
  • On Linux and Mac OS X, use to start QtLauncher.
  • On Symbian qtwebkit.sis is self-signed. After installing Qt for Symbian you have to uninstall the qtwebkit.sis that was signed by Nokia in order to be able to installed the selfsigned packages.

Week 1

This week in QtWebKit trunk:


Week 49

  1. Round table - what is everyone up to
  • Simon: "Last week - when I wasn't in meetings (grmbl) - I reviewed a few patches, backported crash fixes into qtwebkit-4.6 and cleaned up about ~30-40 bugs."
  • Jocelyn: Fixed two bugs with Flash on QtWebkit. Started looking into the build system for the generated files to fix the dependency issues on Windows.
  • Jedrzej: Cleaned up bugzilla bugs. Other Qt work (QtScript, release testing)
  • Janne: Release testing and development environment setup.
  • Benjamin: Other Qt work (platform team). Started looking into painting speed optimizations.
  1. Bugzilla status
  • In the last 10 days the count of unconfirmed/unassigned tasks went down from ~310 to 254.
  • Please everyone help with the cleanup!

Week 48

Status Meeting Agenda:

  1. Qt 4.6.0 Postportem
  • What's good and what's bad in the release? Let's summarize:
    • What's good:
      • We got a lot of things done since the last release.
      • Many new webkit examples in Qt 4.6
      • Good contributions from _everyone_ (it's not an Oslo-only release)
      • S60 works, yay!
      • The irc channel has become very effective and the mailing list is a step forward.
      • Risk of integration of QtScript nicely managed.
      • Better test coverage than ever.
      • The build bot is back (Thanks Szeged!).
      • Improved performance and reduced memory consumption. (but still not as good as it should be)
    • What's bad:
      • Stability is "terrible".
      • We should've gone public with the QtScript port directly, not after the implementation was done.
      • S60 is not very well tested.
      • Not enough focus on stability, bugs and release schedule.
      • Release has DRT failures.
      • No roadmap, many people pushing their own agendas.
      • Lack of developers who really know the web specs: making it harder to come up with api for new web technologies

Although this is merely a "status" meeting, if nothing else comes up I propose to have an "open end" with the following agenda item.

  1. New API Process
  • Traditionally API discussions can take long hours, but if there's potentially long hanging fruit then we should grab it. Bug might fall into that category. Let's see if we can come up with a small minimalistic API for suspending and resuming web pages.

Week 47

Status Meeting Agenda:

  1. Qt 4.6 Status

Oslo todo from last week:

  • Deadline for changes into Qt 4.6.0: Wednesday afternoon Oslo time.
  1. API review procedure
  • Current "procedure" (or lack thereof) sucks. Changes get in without review or it takes us too long to review API.
  • Simon to create "QtWebKit 4.7 API" bug to track pending API issues - mail to be sent to mailing list about the use.
  1. Task bleeding
  • We have currently about 300 unconfirmed/new bugs, that's a huge forest that makes it difficult to see what's important and what isn't.
  • After the 4.6.0 release is out we should start "task bleeding":
    • Every developer should look through about 10 unconfirmed/new tasks per day. Many are outdated, out of scope or already fixed. There may be very old bugs that are minor: We should consider closing them. If it's really important it'll come up again.
    • The goal is to end up with 10-20 assigned bugs per developer, a manageable number.

Week 33

Status Meeting Agenda/Minutes:

  1. QtScript + JavaScriptCore status
    • Kent has been going through the autotests to make sure that they pass. There are still some tests marked as expected failures, but the amount of noise when running the tests should be very low now. The last bit of major functionality missing is the debugger callbacks; nierob is working on integrating that into the qtscript-jsc-backend branch as we speak.
    • Qt 4.6 Alpha will ship with QtScript linked statically against JSC.
    • Kent, Nierob and Simon will sit down Tuesday morning to sort out the JSC patchset and prepare email to squirrelfish-dev about QtScript.
    • We need to get rid of the QtScript-specific ifdefs one at a time.
  1. QtWebKit update in Qt master
    • Target for update is Thursday, together with QtScript update.
    • UPDATE: No more update of WebKit in Qt master until Qt 4.6 Alpha. QtScript with JSC will still be part of it though.
  1. Bot/DRT Status
    • Almost green, one failure left. mfenton & manyoso are looking into it.
    • Thanks to Reni from Szeged we pass more tests that relied on the wrong font sizes.
    • Thanks to Carol from the Boston team letter/word spacing is fixed.
    • Tor Arne is looking into making the DRT and TestNetscapePlugin work on the mac.
    • Ariya is working on pixel test support.
  1. Qt 4.6 Alpha
    • Freeze 21st, release 1-2 weeks later.
    • Latest possible update of src/3rdparty/webkit 21st. More continuous updates again after the Alpha.
    • Possible showstoppers:
  1. APIs
    • What's still missing that is low-hanging fruit?
    • Everybody agrees that it would be nice to have API to delegate the rendering of the QComboBox that is currently used for select elements.
    • Kenneth would like to have fit-to-viewport zoom that also considers the scrollbars.
    • API to allow rendering individual QWebElements.
    • Adding support for event listeners to QWebElements.

Week 18

  • Extend documentation with lots of snippets.
  • Add support for wrapping QWebElement in QVariant and return it in the new API, such a scriptProperty() or callScriptFunction. In the long run we would like to deprecate QWebFrame::evaluateJavaScript in favour of a function that returns a QScriptValue... -> Postponed: We shall use that correct behaviour in new API with QScriptValue
  • Created qtwebkit-4.6-staging branch (frequently rewound) (Simon)

Week 17

  • DOM API:
    • Another round of API review
    • Some new functions discussed in the review need to be implemented now.
    • Eliminate QWebElementCollection in favour of QList<QWebElement
  • Layoutest fixes and Qt 4.5 backports (Ariya)
  • Another around of X11 Flash focus handling fixes (Kenneth)

Week 16

  • DOM API:
    • Make it possible to build API docs from SVN/Git. (Simon)
    • Rename wrap() to wrapWith() (Kenneth)
    • Rename QWebElementSelection to QWebElementCollection (Antonio)
    • Change xml argument name to markup (Tor Arne)
  • Demos & Examples in Qt 4.5. (Ariya)
  • Work on X11 Flash focus handling (Kenneth)
  • Backport critical fixes from the trunk (Ariya)

Week 15

  • Kenneth and Antonio from INdT Brazil join us in Oslo for a WebKit code camp.
  • Starting a three week sprint to hack lots of stuff
  • Begin QtSoftware internal API reviews
  • Kenneth and Antonio started working on X11 Flash focus problems

Week 14

  • Work on the DOM API

Week 6, 2-8 Feb

  • Documentation Fixes
  • Support for ownership models for addToJavaScriptWindowObject
  • Fixed Gradient Rendering
  • Fix updates for NPAPI plugins on Qt/Mac
  • Fix mapping from QByteArray to JS and back

Week 4, 19-25 Jan

  • Fixed even propagation of key events that match text editing commands (Simon)
  • Investigating why reverse text find is broken with !ICU search buffer - Fixed by Darin in 40206 (Simon)
  • Compile fixes from Urs Wolfer
  • We are looking into the option of hosting the Qt build bot at the University of Szeged.

Week 3, 12-18 Jan

  • Stabilization and bugfixing continues (done in trunk, cherry-picked into git branch)

Week 2, 5-11 Jan

  • Static build on Windows (Ariya) r39676
  • Prepared/updated the branch shared/qtwebkit-4.5 for Qt 4.5 (Ariya)

Week 1, 1-4 Jan


Week 45, 3-7 Nov

Week 44, 27-31 Oct

  • Meet-up with Google Chromium team
  • Meet-up with Apple WebKit team

Week 43, 20-24 Oct

Week 42, 13-17 Oct

Week 41, 6-10 Oct

  • Merge Mac plugin branch to qtwebkit-4.5 (Tor Arne, Simon)
  • Branch qtwebkit-4.5-tp1 (Simon)
  • Build fix without Phonon (Simon)

Week 40, 29 Sep - 3 Oct

  • Finish Mac plugin for review (Tor Arne)
  • Pick webkit trunk to qtwebkit-4.5 (Simon) r37064
  • Build fixes in Qt support platforms
    • linux-icc (Simon)
    • win32-mingw (Ariya)
  • Update autotests (Simon)