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     1Layout and interaction in combination with tiling/resizeToContent is a complicated situation.
     3Basically we want the following:
     5a) Fixed layout, inform WebCore of visible area
     6b) Only substitute page when something is ready to be shown.
     8For a) we need to make sure that we set the viewport size, the useFixedLayout and the layout size before doing *any* layouts. This is currently not handled correctly.
     10For b) we need to ignore size changed and layouts before we have had our first non-empty visual layout. We are in a transition phase and the dom has been substituted, and for that we need to ignore sending events to the web process such as informing the current visible area.
     12History is a part for it self, and we need to make sure a.o. things that the stored position and scale are first applied when we have something visible and that we are able to actually scroll to that position.
     14Rotation should work fine during page transitions, as we suspend before rotating and the relayout for the final viewport will still be guarded by the first non-empty visual layout.