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    11= Details of the QtWebKit HTML5 media element implementation =
    3 [[Image(]]
    55== Structure ==
    4949So what are the downsides of letting Phonon handle media loading? For one, the Phonon API does not have a way for the client to query how much of the media has been loaded. This is not only useful for displaying
    5050a visualization to the user of how much of the file has been loaded, but also required by the platform independent WebKit media element code to know whether or not it can seek to a given position. Confusingly enough
    51 Phonon does provide a =[[][MediaObject::bufferStatus()]]= signal, but that
     51Phonon does provide a MediaObject::bufferStatus() signal, but that
    5252signal refers to how much of the internal _pre-buffering_ buffer has been filled (for example when you seek to a new position, Phonon goes into a buffering state where it fills this buffer, and then goes back to playing state), not
    5353to how much of the media files has been loaded. In effect, there is no way to provide a seek slider without lying to the WebKit platform independent code about how much data we've loaded (by claiming that we've got all the data, even though we don't know that).