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    99||tst_painting is currently using ''QApplication::syncX'' in the performance run to make sure that everything has been synced. The problem with this paint benchmark is that on accelerated hardware it is not clear when the image has been painted. The ''QApplication::syncX'' will make the test a bit artificial in one way.||||
    1010||Benchmarks should generate more stable timing results. This is mostly with tst_cycling not being stable enough to use it for timing. The first change is to use the '''-median 5''' when executing the test and the second part is to disable the cache. The result is a lot more stable but it depends on the workload of the http_server as well. So there is more work left to do. ||[ Disable Cache]||
    11 ||~~Add scripts to list, get, put files into the db to put patched icontent into the db~~|| [ list files] [ get a file] [ put a file]||
     11||~~Add scripts to manipulate and query the content in the crawl db. This should include listing files, getting and putting files into the db and updating the header~~|| [ list files] [ get a file] [ put a file] [ update Content-Length in the header] [ store all files to disk]||
    1212||~~Fix create_hosts to remove the port part from the request~~|| [ Remove port]||
    1313||~~memusage is not working on glibc/ix86...~~ This is fixed in latest glibc git, more patches to come||[;a=commitdiff;h=22bc5239e1c7d97b0642af6c135af994586f8e82 fix] [;a=commitdiff;h=67854c131c2ba8c013debf466b20cb13fffa120b memusagestat fixes]||