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Start QtWebKit performance analysis page.

QtWebKit Performance Tuning Overview

Getting the sourcecode, building and installing

The code can be checked out from the QtWebKit git repository, it requires Qt4.5.x or a Qt4.6 snapshot post Qt4.6 TP1.

$ git clone git://
$ cd performance
$ qmake
$ make
$ make install # This will install to the Qt Directory

Performance Utilities Overview

The performance utilities dontain utilities for the host, manual testing applications and benchmarking applications. All this is explained in depth on this wiki site.

Running the tests

Adding a new test

Performance backlog

The Performance utilitiy has identified a set of work areas in the performance utilities themselves, QtWebKit and Qt. The backlog will contain a summary, and some description of how to carry out the change. See the Qt/QtWebKit backlog and Performance backlog? for more information on work items.