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QtWebKit 2.0 Release

This wiki page tracks the status of the QtWebKit 2.0 release. The release follows the standard release procedures and policies.

QtWebKit 2.0 was branched off WebKit trunk from SVN revision 56441. The user agent string reports "AppleWebKit/533.3".

Features and bugs

Jira link to

See also high-level feature documentation.

Release critical bugs are tracked with

Deployment on QtWebKit 2.0 on top of a Qt SDK

See the page QtWebKitRelease20Deployment

Release branch

The release branch is called qtwebkit-2.0 and is hosted in the qtwebkit repository at

Instructions for getting changes into the release branch:


Documentation TODO

This is a list of items to do regarding the API / overview documentation of QtWebKit that we'd like to fix before the release:

  • Zero qdoc warnings
  • Review existing API documentation:
    • Widget plugins
    • Files (14):
    • Expand and combine sentences, adding missing \sa links, etc.
  • Ask the Qt support staff about things they're aware of that are bad or missing in the current docs.
  • Architectural overview (QWebView, QGraphicsWebView, QWebPage) - update existing diagram
  • Make sure that all new functions have the \since tag
  • Figure out how to expand \since 2.0 to "Since QtWebKit 2.0", or consider a \since 4.7 and \sinceqtwebkit 2.0
  • Task orientation documentation:
    • How to implement a desktop and a mobile/embedded browser
    • JavaScript bridge documentation (Noam)


  • Jedrzej, Kent
    • Review Noam's JavaScript bridge documentation
    • qwebhistoryinterface.cpp
    • qwebhistory.cpp
    • qwebpage.cpp
  • Jocelyn, Simon
    • qwebinspector.cpp
    • qwebkitversion.cpp
    • qwebsettings.cpp
    • Overview: WebKit/qt/doc/qtwebkit.qdoc
    • qwebdatabase.cpp
  • Tor Arne, Henry
    • qwebpluginfactory.cpp
    • qwebsecurityorigin.cpp
    • qwebelement.cpp
    • QtWebKit 2.0 Feature Overview
  • Andreas, Benjamin
    • qwebframe.cpp
    • qgraphicswebview.cpp
    • qwebview.cpp
    • How to implement a desktop and a mobile/embedded browser