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    6868  * If there's a conflict, the script will abort. In that case:
    6969    * Solve the conflict ({{{git status, git rm, git add}}}, patch the files manually, etc -- your choice);
    70     * Commit the changes, '''keeping the original changelog from the original git commit;'''
     70    * Commit the changes with a standard {{{git commit}}} command. It'll keep the changelog from the original git commit plus a list of conflicting files, but '''you'll have to add a line "Author: Foo Bar <>"''', otherwise you'll be listed as the commit author.
    7171    * Run the script again, it'll detect the new commit and continue as expected.
    7272  * '''Before letting the script add a comment to bugzilla, '''make sure the build is not broken and run some basic tests (run QtTestBrowser, the API tests -- your choice), so that if there's something broken, you can fix it and {{{git commit --amend}}} the changes before a reference is added to bugzilla.
    7474  * Avoid adding extra commits in the branch, always prefer cherry-picks to keep cross references with what's in trunk.
    7575  * If the patch is a backport, you're free to add your own changelog, but make sure there are at least two lines there: one with the bug title and one with the full bug URL;
    76   * In case of doubts, follow the example of what's already there (see {{{git log}}}).
     76  * In case of doubts, follow the example of what's already there (see {{{git log}}});
     77  * Check [ this thread about the usage of meta-bugs] on the !QtWebKit Mailing List.
    7880To create release notes reports (similiar to the ones posted weekly in the [ QtWebKit Developer Journal]), run the {{{}}} (see {{{--help}}}). Usually it looks like this: