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    4444The separate [wiki:"QtWebKitBackportingFixes" Backporting Fixes] page tracks the changes to include, both changes from the trunk as well as exceptional patches.
     46== Proposal for release testing ==
     48The idea for a new release would be that it has no regressions over the previous release. This should mean:
     50   * All LayoutTests that passed on the old version should pass on the release candidate.
     52      This can be realized by either storing the list of tests ran on the old release somewhere or using the LayoutTests/ directory of the old release. This has the possible problem that DRT was changed in a incompatible way or the WebKit behavior was changed and now a test would fail. Alternatively one could compare the list of tests that were ran and for every removed test it may not be in the Skipped list.
     54   * It should pass all manual tests.
     55      This can be realized by creating a "meta" manual page linking to all manual tests we want to run before the release.
     57   * It should not consume more memory on the existing test cases and benchmarks.
     58      This can be realized by using and use QtLauncher on a list of URLs and use mirrored content (from the benchmarking). Afterwards one can manually compare the memory usage.
     60As part of the release the tester(s) should write a simple protocol. It should include the LayoutTests ran, the manual tests ran and their results, the result of and should be stored on a publicly available place for future reference.