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Status in Qt 4.6.0

NOTE: This is page is incomplete and under construction. These tables will be moved to QtWebKit documentation.

Proposed status classification:

  • Not implemented: implementation for the feature does not exist
  • Technology preview: the implementation of the feature is ready for experimentation and validation, but not for production use. The implementation may be incomplete and there may be known problems.
  • Experimental: the implementation of the feature can be used in production applications with the caveat that the API, standard or the implementation may be still change in future releases, or there may be some limitations in the implementation.
  • Supported: the feature has been implemented and verified, and we don't expect changes in the API or standard.

Web application features

Feature Status Qt documentation Qt Autotest Layout test
HTML5 application cache (manifest attribute) ? (1), (2) OfflineWebApplicationCacheEnabled attribute
Web Storage (DOM storage, local storage & session storage) ? (1), (2) LocalStorageEnabled attribute
Web SQL Database ? [(1), (2) OfflineStorageDatabaseEnabled attribute
"online" and "offline" events
Web Workers - dedicated workers
Web Workers - shared workers LayoutTests\fast\workers
Web Sockets Not supported

JavaScript JIT

Just-in-time (JIT) compilation for JavaScript is supported on the following platforms:

  • Mac OS X, 64-bit and 32-bit
  • Windows desktop platforms when using Microsoft Visual C++ or gcc 4.1 or higher (MinGW)
  • Linux on x86 platforms with gcc 4.1 or higher
  • Linux on ARM (Thumb-2 JIT is not currently used)

HTML5 canvas and media

Feature Status Layout test
<canvas> element Technology preview
canvas: text API
canvas: gradient API
canvas: image API
canvas: transforms
canvas: patterns
canvas: shadows
canvas: image API
<audio> element Technology preview LayoutTests\media
<video> element Technology preview LayoutTests\media
<source> element for alternative video or audio sources

CSS Features

TBD: preparefortransition and dotransition?

Feature Status Bugzilla Layout tests
-webkit-transform for 2D transforms LayoutTests\transforms, LayoutTests\transforms\2d, \LayoutTests\fast\transforms, LayoutTests\fast\css
-webkit-transform for 3D transforms, (accelerated compositing) LayoutTests\transforms, LayoutTests\transforms\3d\general, LayoutTests\transforms\3d\hit-testing, LayoutTests\transforms\3d\point-mapping, LayoutTests\compositing\animation
-webkit-transition-* LayoutTests\transitions, LayoutTests\fast\css, LayoutTests\compositing\transitions
DOM events for CSS transitions
-webkit-animation-*, @-webkit-keyframes LayoutTests\animations, LayoutTests\animations\3d, LayoutTests\compositing\animation
DOM events for CSS animations
CSS: Reflections
CSS Backgrounds and Morders Modulke Level 3 support
CSS3 Multiple layered background images (Backgrounds and Borders Module)
CSS3 property Border-image
Embedding and downloading CSS font faces
-webkit-scrollbar-* CSS properties
-webkit-mask-* CSS properties
CSS text-overflow properties
CSS text shadow properties
CSS Background Size
CSS Background Clip

HTML5 functionality in web forms

Feature Status Layout test
<input type="search"> for search boxes Not supported
<input type="number"> for spinboxes Not supported
<input type="range"> for sliders Not supported
<input type="color"> for color pickers Not supported
<input type="tel"> for telephone numbers Not supported
<input type="url"> for web addresses Not supported
<input type="email"> for email addresses Not supported
<input type="date"> for calendar date pickers Not supported
<input type="month"> for months Not supported
<input type="week"> for weeks Not supported
<input type="time"> for timestamps Not supported
<input type="datetime"> for precise, absolute date+time stamps Not supported
<input type="datetime-local"> for local dates and times Not supported
<input type="file"> for selecting local files Not supported
<menu> a menu list of form controls
<command> a command button inside a menu element
<datalist> element
<keygen> element
<output> element
autocomplete attribute
autofocus attribute for web form controls
list attribute
required attribute
multiple attribute
pattern attribute
min, max attributes
step attribute
placeholder attribute for placeholder text in an input field
challenge attribute
keytype attribute
form attribute
maxlength attribute
novalidate attribute

HTML5 semantic elements

Feature Status Layout test
HTML5 Microdata (item, itemprop attributes, microdata DOM API)
window.onhashchange event (fires when a window's hash (#) location changes)

Miscellaneous web developer APIs

Feature Status Layout test
Geolocation API Not supported
HTML5 getElementsByClassName API
HTML5 element.classList API
HTML5 registerProtocolHandler API
HTML5 registerContentHandler API
HTML5 Cross-document messaging API
W3C Selectors API
W3C Server-sent Events
Multi-touch input Not supported

Miscellaneous HTML5 features

Feature Status Layout test
HTML5 drag and drop
<progress> progress indicator
<meter> an indicator for scalar measurement
<ruby>, <rt>, <rp> elements for Chinese notes or characters
<figure> element
<embed> element for embedding content such as a plug-in
Inline MathML
Inline SVG
manifest attribute for <html>
sizes attribute for <link>
charset attribute for <meta>
scoped attribute for <style>
async attribute for <script>
ping attribute for <a, <area>
reversed attribute for <ol>
sandbox attribute for <iframe>
seamless attribute for <iframe>
Datasets (data-*) global attribute
contextmenu global attribute
hidden global attribute
contenteditable global attribute
spellcheck global attribute
draggable global attribute
HTML5 compliant parsing of HTML documents
<a rel="noreferrer"> (don't leak referrer info when following link)