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Update after r74301

QtWebKit Test Procedures

Work in progress, any help is very appreciated, see TODO items below.

Smoke Test (simple, high-level test)

A smoke test is used to make sure the standard features are working on a particular build of QtWebKit.

Build tests

  • Build against current stable Qt
  • Build against the previous stable Qt

Integration tests

  • Test Qt demos based on QtWebKit
    • TODO: list of demos, links
  • Test the QML webbrowser demo
    • TODO: links

QtTestBrowser tests

  • Load and watch a flash video
  • Load a few https sites (e.g.: google account login)
  • Load a few java-script based websites (google maps, gmail, etc)
  • Browse around for a while :-)
  • TODO: list of interesting and complex websites

Automated tests

WebKit has thousand of automated tests in place. Below are instructions on how to run them.

WebKit Layout tests


  • Just run python Tools/Scripts/run-qtwebkit-tests <your build dir> to run the tests from WebKit/qt/tests

Other test resources

  • Lots of testcases from WebCore/manual-tests/ can be run manually inside the QtTestBrowser
  • TODO: links to test websites (javascript, css, html5, etc)