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Bug Triaging Roster

This wiki page maintains the table with developers who are on the weekly bug triaging duty. The weekly duty consists of two developers sitting down every week and going through the list of untriaged bugs.

The filters for the bugs is maintained in the QtWebKitBugs wiki page.

Duty Roster

Week Members on Duty
18 Oslo: Simon, Jocelyn
19 Recife/Manaus: Kenneth, Jesus
20 Helsinki: Antti
21 Janne
22 Szeged: Ossy, bbandix
23 Oslo: Jedrzej, Kent
24 Recife/Manaus: Luiz, Antonio
25 Szeged: szirbucz, kbalazs
26 Oslo: Tor Arne, Simon
27 Recife/Manaus: Diego, Kenneth
28 Helsinki: Antti
29 Hanne


Please fill in the team spots.

  • Team Oslo: Kent, Jedrzej, Jocelyn, Simon, Tor Arne, Andreas, Benjamin
  • Team Recife/Manaus: Kenneth, Jesus, Luiz, Antonio, Diego
  • Team Helsinki: Antti
  • Team Janne: Janne
  • Team Szeged: Ossy, bbandix, szirbucz, kbalazs