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    1818  * Make sure the test files exist in repository and the build bots have cycled at least once after they were committed. If you are not sure, check the Release version of [ buildbot layout archive] to see whether your test results are available. By default, the rebaselining tool retrieves new baselines from the release version of buildbot layout test archive.
    1919  * Update `test_expectations.txt`: add flag `REBASELINE` to the tests that need to be rebaselined.
    20   * Run rebaselining script: `Tools/Scripts/rebaseline-chromium-webkit-tests`. If you want to pull new baselines from the canary, use `--webkit_canary` (`-w`) option.
     20  * Run rebaselining script: `Tools/Scripts/rebaseline-chromium-webkit-tests`
    2121  * If the script runs successfully, new baselines (expected files) are added to SVN repository and the rebaselined tests are removed from `test_expectations.txt`.
    2222  * The tool launches a html page to compare the old and new baselines. Check the new baseline changes are expected.
    2323  * Prepare a patch with the new baselines and `test_expectations.txt`, review the changes and then commit the patch.
     25== Where baselines are pulled from ==
     27By default, the tool pulls from the [ DEPS bots]. If you pass in the `--webkit_canary` or `-w` flags, it will pull from the [ canary bots] that use ToT WebKit. If you pass in `--gpu` or `-g`, it will use the Mesa bots (same machines as the canary bots, but from the `webkit_gpu_tests` build step).
    2529== Examples ==