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Planned Design For run-webkit-tests

Directory Structure

  • LayoutTests/
    • cross-platform tests and results
    • platform/
      • mac/
        • Mac-specific tests, results, and Skipped file
      • mac-leopard/
        • Leopard-specific tests, results, and Skipped file
      • qt/
        • Qt-specific tests, results, and Skipped file
      • win/
        • Windows-specific tests, results, and Skipped file

The platform directories are named based on a hyphenated-prefix system. For example, mac-leopard is a subset of mac.


Each platform configuration should define one variable, $platformTestDirectory, that specifies the most specific directory under LayoutTests/platform/ that applies to that platform. For instance, on Mac OS X Leopard, mac-leopard should be specified.

This name is broken into all possible hyphenated prefixes. For example, if a platform specifies a-b-c as its $platformTestDirectory, the directories in its platform hierarchy become (in order of most- to least-specific):

  • a-b-c
  • a-b
  • a

Finding Tests

run-webkit-tests should search recursively through all the subdirectories of LayoutTests/ to find test files, just as it does currently. However, it should not search recursively beneath platform/. It should then search through each of the directories in the platform hierarchy in order of least- to most-specific to find additional platform-specific tests to run.