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     1= S60WebKit: Setting up Your Computer =
     3To work with S60WebKit, you'll need to install a couple of tools:
     5=== The S60 3rd Edition SDK ===
     7Download and install the S60 3rd Edition SDK from [ Forum Nokia]. Choose "3rd Edition (262 MB)" from the listbox on the right of the page and click on the "Download" button.
     9'''Note:''' The S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 is currently incompatible with the S60WebKit codebase. Please ensure you select "3rd Edition (262 MB)" and not "3rd Edition, FP 1 (355 MB)" from the listbox.
     11=== A Subversion client ===
     13You'll need a [ Subversion client] to checkout and update the source.
     15If you prefer a graphical interface, there are quite a few to choose from. One candidate is [ TortoiseSVN]. However, there are a couple of Subversion related tools which assume the Subversion command line interface is in your PATH, so you may wish to install both.
     17=== Carbide C++ Express ===
     19[ Carbide.c++ Express] is a free IDE for mobile application development. We use the compilers and debugger that ships with the IDE to build and work with S60WebKit.
     21=== ActiveState Perl v5.6.1 ===
     23Install ActiveState Perl v5.6.1 from [ here].
     25Once you've installed these tools, you're ready to [wiki:S60CheckoutAndBuild check out and build] S60WebKit.