wiki:SVG TODO List - Short notes

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Nicer output.

This is a random collection of TODO items for ksvg2 in WebKit.
If any of this item is fixed, a proper bug report will be created,
until that happens, this is a good place to list certain items.
If you have any questions about these items, or want to help
with them, please contact rwlbuis/WildFox on, #webkit.

W3C Test Status (October 7th 2007)

Filter problems

  • filters-composite-02-b.svg (no visible filter output)
  • filters-conv-01-f.svg (no feConvolveMatrix filter, bug 5861)
  • filters-felem-01-b.svg (problem with non-existant filters)
  • filters-gauss-01-b.svg (problem with x/y std devs)
  • filters-light-01-f.svg (point & spot light have problems)
  • filters-morph-01-f.svg (no feMorphology support)
  • filters-tile-01-b.svg (feTile support broken)
  • filters-turb-01-f.svg (no feTurbulance support)

Problems when running testsuite embedded in XHTML

Misc problems

  • color-prof-01-f.svg (no icc color profiles)
  • coords-units-03-b.svg (outermost svg viewport clipping not supported)
  • masking-path-03-b.svg (outermost svg viewport clipping not supported)
  • masking-path-04-b.svg (clip text to image doesn't work)
  • painting-render-01-b.svg (no color interpolation)
  • struct-use-05-b.svg (no external <use> references)
  • styling-css-05-b.svg (css :lang selector problem)

Gradient problems

  • pservers-grad-10-b.svg (no spread method support)
  • pservers-grad-14-b.svg (no spread method support)
  • pservers-grad-18-b.svg (inherted color & gradient stops issue)
  • pservers-grad-19-b.svg (inherted color & gradient stops issue)

Text problems

  • fonts-desc-02-t.svg (no svg fonts)
  • fonts-elem-01-t.svg (no svg fonts)
  • fonts-elem-02-t.svg (text composition issue)
  • fonts-elem-03-b.svg (no svg fonts)
  • fonts-elem-04-b.svg (no svg fonts)
  • fonts-elem-05-t.svg (no svg fonts)
  • fonts-elem-06-t.svg (no svg fonts)
  • fonts-elem-07-b.svg (no svg fonts)
  • fonts-kern-01-t.svg (no svg fonts)
  • pservers-grad-08-b.svg (okay, but no svg fonts)
  • render-elems-06-t.svg (okay, but no svg fonts)
  • render-elems-07-t.svg (okay, but no svg fonts)
  • render-elems-08-t.svg (okay, but no svg fonts)
  • render-groups-01-b.svg (okay, but no svg fonts)
  • render-groups-03-t.svg (okay, but no svg fonts)
  • text-align-05-b.svg (vertical text issues)
  • text-align-08-b.svg (no svg fonts)
  • text-altglyph-01-b.svg (no svg fonts)
  • text-intro-03-b.svg (glyph-orientation, various non-latin language related issues)
  • text-text-01-b.svg (textLength/lengthAdjust support)
  • text-text-04-t.svg (no svg fonts)
  • text-text-05-t.svg (no svg fonts)
  • text-text-06-t.svg (no svg fonts)
  • text-tref-01-b.svg (external tref references)
  • text-tselect-02-f.svg no text selection API

Important, data type design changes:

  • SVGAngle* -> SVGAngle (pass by value, not by pointer)
  • SVGColor* -> SVGColor (pass by value, not by pointer)
  • SVGPreserveAspectRatio* -> SVGPreserveAspectRatio (pass by value, not by pointer)

JavaScript / ObjC SVG DOM issues:

  • Provide more SVG DOM JavaScript tests (ie. for SVGLength & friends)
  • Fix fundamental SVG DOM issues with baseVal/animVal

Filter issues:

  • Quality of filter output can be low in certain circumstances

General structure:

  • platform/graphics/svg must be moved into ksvg2/<whatever> (maybe "graphics").
  • ksvg2/ must be moved to svg/ (inside WebCore, as it is right now)

Last update: October 7th 2007.