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     90**Important classes**
     92Below is a list of some important classes which are used for manipulating the SVG properties.
     94||= **Class name** =||= **Description** =||= **Important Methods** =||
     95|| **SVGProperty** || It is a RefCounted object. It is the base of the SVG types: SVGNumber, SVGPoint, SVGRect, SVGMatrix, SVGTransfrom, SVGLength and SVGPathSeg. || ||
     96|| **SVGPathSeg** || It is a special kind of SVGProperty because it is only an  abstract class. Only the super classes of it can be created. || ||
     97|| **SVGPathSegValue** || It is a template class of SVGPathSeg with a template parameter pack. All the SVGPathSeg types are derived from this template. || ||
     98|| **SVGAnimatedProperty** || It is the base class of all the animated properties, e.g. SVGAnimatedLength and SVGAnimatedString. It maintains two members baseVal and animVal.. || ||
     99|| **SVGList** || It is a template class and which provides the basic DOM interface of an SVG list. || ||
     100|| **SVGPropertyList** || It holds RefCounted items. It is the base class of SVGValuePropertyList and SVGPathSegList. || ||
     101|| **SVGValuePropertyList** || It holds SVG type items, e.g. SVGNumber and SVGPoint. || ||
     102|| **SVGPathSegList** || It is a SVGList of Ref<SVGPathSeg> but it does lazy conversions: from SVGPathByteStream to list of Ref<SVGPathSeg> and from list of Ref<SVGPathSeg> to SVGPathByteStream. || ||
     103|| **SVGPropertyOwner** || It is the base class of all the SVGProperty owners. It is driven by SVGElement, SVGAnimatedProperty, SVGPropertyList and SVGTransform. || ||
     104|| **SVGPropertyRegistry** || It manages the SVGProperties, connect them to their attributes and defines their accessors. || ||
     105|| **SVGAccessor** || It is used to access an SVGProperty in an SVGElement. The accessor can access a pair of SVGProperties if they are associated with  the same attribute. One important task of an accessor is creating the SVGAnimator of an SVGAnimatedProperty of an SVGElement.  || ||
     106|| **SVGAnimator** || It is responsible of changing the animVal of an  SVGAnimatedProperty over a period of time. || ||
     107|| **SVGAnimationFunction** || This is where the new animated value of an SVGAnimator is calculated. || ||