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Added entries for XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0. Although each spec's v1.0 is important, it would be of tremendous benefit to complete support for both v1.0 *as a step towards* v2.0. The improvements in XSLT/XPath 2.0 are huge. :)

WebKit Standards Support Targets

This page documents web standards that Webkit is targetting for support. It should be kept up to date, but may be out of date at any given time. Any specs that are partially implemented should have a link to a detailed status page.


HTML 4.01 Stable Support largely complete, but some bugs (and spec has many ambiguities)
XHTML 1.0 (2 ed) Stable Support largely complete. See above.
HTML 5 Limited Current target, only partial support for features and new changes. Will obsolete HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0.


XML 1.0 (4 ed) Stable Support largely complete, many optional parts not supported.



CSS 1 Full
2 Partial
2 R1 Partial pre-wrap and pre-line are not yet supported
3 (under dev) Partial
CSS Mobile 1.0 No
2.0 No

ECMAScript / JavaScript

ECMAScript Edition 3 Yes
Javascript 1.5 Full/Partial/No
Javascript 1.6 Full/Partial/No
Javascript 1.7 Full/Partial/No
Javascript 1.8 Full/Partial/No
JScript .NET Full/Partial/No
Edition 4 (under dev) No


DOM 1 Full
2 Core Full
2 Views Full
2 Events Full
2 Style Full
2 Traversal/Range Full
2 HTML Full
3 Core Full/Partial/No
3 Load/Save Full/Partial/No
3 Validation Full/Partial/No
3 XPath (WG Note) Full/Partial/No
3 Views/Formatting (WG Note) Full/Partial/No

Web APIs

XMLHTTPRequest (draft) Full


SVG 1.1 Partial
Tiny 1.1 Full/Partial/No
Basic 1.1 Full/Partial/No
Tiny 1.2 (CR) Full/Partial/No