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    1919 * Better codegen framework. We don't have a great way to pick from one of several instructions, using a "tile matching" algorithm may be a good way. This could enable super-instructions, type-specialized instructions, and handling of the fact that you may want different codegen in value, condition and void contexts.
     21'''Analysis of SunSpider tests that show little improvement'''
     233d-morph: Suffering from missing cross-scope access optimization and DontDelete global optimization (9.4% deep time in resolve()). Probably suffering from lack of static type inference (lots of time in jsNumberCell, JSImmediate, NumberImp::toNumber, etc.
     25access-nbody: Major factor seems to be lack of type specialization (lots of time in number-related stuff).
     27date-format-tofte: Lots of time spent in parsing and code generation for eval. Can codegen itself be optimized? Also lots of time in makeFunction(), a big chunk of this is making the empty prototype for the function object, as well as setting the special properties (prototype, constructor, length), perhaps those coudl be handled in a smarter way. Also function call overhead for FuncDeclNode::makeFunction itself. Perhaps it should be inlined. Also it is suspicious that call overhead for makeFunction would be a bottleneck, is it getting called more often than it should?