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Ideas for new optimizations for SquirrelFish

  • reduce cost of calling with too many arguments - at least one SunSpider test does this a lot. Some possibilities:
    • Allocate a few extra parameter slows for every function, so just a few extra is cheap
    • If we can limit or remove the functionality of randomFunc.arguments, then for functions that do not themselves use arguments we could just overwrite the extra args.
  • Make variants of instructions that can read directly from the constant pool, to avoid all the "load" insns you get when dealing with constants.
  • Atomize constant strings, so any given string is only in the constant pool once.
  • Maybe sorting opcode implementations by frequency of use would make things faster.

Larger ideas:

  • Store primitive types directly in registers, along with type info. Tamarin's 64 bit NaN encoding trick may work well here. We could have both instructions that statically infer a specific type, and dynamic type inference which uses instructions that think a particular type is more likely and optimize for that case with checks.
  • Explicit vtables. Right now we use C++ virtual methods for polymorphic behavior of JS types. An explicit vtable could store per-type pure data as well as functions, turning some things that are currently virtual method calls into simple pointer derefs.
  • Better codegen framework. We don't have a great way to pick from one of several instructions, using a "tile matching" algorithm may be a good awy.