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Updating Bugzilla

This page describes a process to update the Bugzilla instance running on


  • Check out Bugzilla sources from CVS (for reference).
        cvs -d "" co -d bugzilla.cvs mozilla/webtools/bugzilla
  • Import original Bugzilla sources from CVS into a local git repository (may take a couple of hours).
        rm -f ~/.cvsps/\:pserver\\:#cvsroot#mozilla#webtools#bugzilla
        mkdir bugzilla.git
        git cvsimport -d "" -C bugzilla.git -k mozilla/webtools/bugzilla
  • Import BugsSite from the WebKit repository into a local git repository.
        mkdir BugsSite.git
        cd BugsSite.git
        git svn init -T trunk/BugsSite
        git svn fetch
  • Create a local git repository to do the merge.
        mkdir update.git
        cd update.git
        # TODO: clone BugsSite.git and bugzilla.git into local repository
        # TODO: update .git/info/grafts to create artificial merge points