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Using Wine with WebKit, Safari, Drosera, etc

Wine is a Windows API implementation for UNIX (including Linux etc).

The Safari Windows beta runs on Wine with a few glitches.

Running Safari with the WebKit Nightlies

It is possible to launch Safari with the [Nightly Builds WebKit nightlies]. First unzip the WebKit nightly download in a directory parallel to Safari, then use the following scripts (there are scripts included in the WebKit nightlies but they don't work too well under Wine's console)

General Environment setup

webkit_dir="`dirname "$0"`"
webkit_dir="`cd "$webkit_dir" ; pwd`"
safari_dir="`cd "$webkit_dir" ; cd ../Safari ; pwd`"
export WINEDLLPATH=$WINEDLLPATH:$webkit_dir:$safari_dir
export WINEPREFIX=~/.wine

Launching Safari as-is (builtin webkit)

Set up the above environment, then...

cd "$safari_dir"
wine Safari.exe

Launching Safari with custom webkit

Set up the above environment, then...

cd "$webkit_dir"
# copy Safari stuff over WebKit (without replacing newer dlls)
cp -upv "$safari_dir/Safari.exe" .
cp -upv "$safari_dir"/*.dll .
for resource_dir in "$safari_dir"/*.resources
    base_resource_dir="`basename "$resource_dir"`"
    [[ -d "$base_resource_dir" ]] && rm -fr "$base_resource_dir"
    cp -pr "$resource_dir" .
# now actually run
export PATH="$webkit_dir":"$safari_dir":"$PATH"
wine Safari.exe /customWebKit

Launching Drosera

Note that Drosera does not yet work - this is how to try though (after setting up the above environment)...

cd "$webkit_dir"
export PATH="$webkit_dir":"$safari_dir":"$PATH"
wine Drosera.exe