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Viewport Interaction Topics

This page is a place to collect topics relevant to viewport interactions and device adaptations, and how they work with WebKit. Since the issues are broad, it's more useful at this point to collect a list here rather than use a scattered list of bug reports.

  • Animations should pause while interacting with the viewport
  • Zooming to a particular element should not pan beyond the contents of the page.
  • Events should not be sent to the page until it's renderable
  • A page should not be visible before its first layout
  • A page should not be replaced if the user is still interacting with it (ie. having a finger on the page)
    • If a new page is being loaded behind, user events must not be sent to it.
  • The browser should not change orientation if the user is still interacting with the page (ie. having a finger on the page)
  • Active DOM objects (Timers, async events, etc) are suspended while interacting with the content (to avoid content changing on anything but user input)
  • Content should not be rendered or updated if the page is not visible (ie. in background).
  • Animations should as GIFs should not start animating until they are exposed in the viewport.