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Notes from 2018 WebKit Contributors Meeting

WPT and WebKit Tests

by Youenn Fablet

  • I love WPT because it is freemium
  • WPT runs in 4 different browsers
    • Lots of results
    • Identify test areas where webkit can make things better
  • But… WPT need you
    • Sometimes you need to share the meals
    • Tools/Scripts/import-w3c-tests -t web-platform-tests/myshiny-api
    • Tools/Scripts/import-w3c-tests -t web-platform-tests/myold-stuff grep -R FAIL LayoutTests/imported/w3c/wenb-platform-tests/my-old-stuff
  • When you land a patch you land layout tests
    • Pre-requisite so that you use testharness.js
    • Tools/Scripts/export-w3c-tests
    • Tools/Scripts/webkit-patch upload
    • Requirements:
    • Issues? Talk to Youenn
  • testharness.js as default framework to write LayoutTests
    • “Can we fix testharness.js first?
      • No, we should do it in parallel
  • Automate our import/export workflow
    • 7K tests being imported and re-synced by a person


What about tests for internals?

  • Tests using internals the script will say “no”
  • There is a proposal that any mocking WebDriver
  • Use WebDriver instead
  • For mouseclicks and events, use WebDriver instead
  • For internal APIs, push internals in WPT as well
  • We use internals for feature, would be useful to expose to developers
  • We should standardize WebDriver tests
  • Get other browser vendors and share internal apis for high value areas