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Notes from 2018 WebKit Contributors Meeting

Web Driver Notes 2018

Presented by Brian Burg

  • WebDriver is a test runner for web content in Safari
  • [demo of WebDriver running test suites]
  • WebDriver is pretty powerful/flexible
    • Create/find/test elements
    • Run JavaScript
    • Create/resize/close windows
  • Architecture breakdown
    • Test/TestRunner
      • Python
      • Uses a library (e.g. selenium)
        • DOM interaction/api
      • Turns each call into REST API calls
    • Driver (e.g. SafariDriver, GTKDriver)
      • web server with REST API
      • receives calls from test/testrunner
      • must be able to tell browser what to do
      • API is standardized
  • Test breakdown
    • Driver represents a session with Safari
      • able to interact with browser (e.g. bind elements by ID, execute scripts)
      • able to pass objects from the test into the test to be accessible via javascript
    • Able to be run across multiple machines due to REST api system
  • Safari 12 / WebKit TOT implements W3C WebDriver standard
  • Safari is fastest WebDriver implementation
  • Many tests still don't pass (OpenSource/WebDriverTests/TestExpectations.json)
  • WebDriver for WKWebView
    • Currently WebDriver only works in the browser, not within an app
    • Idea is to allow each app to opt-in WebDriver for all views within that app
  • WebDriver for iOS
    • Currently WebDriver only works for mac Safari, not iOS Safari
    • Requesting a new session would allow an iOS/Simulator Safari driver
      • depends on the system (e.g. connected devices, simulators)
    • Some API wouldn't work on mobile, as they were developed for desktop
      • resizing the window
      • click vs touch
  • RPC protocol is based on WebInspector protocol