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WebDriver commands implementation status

This is the list of WebDriver commands and their current status in WebKit. See also the list of bugs in Bugzilla.

Method URL Command Status Comments
POST /session New Session Partially complete Proxy support is missing
DELETE /session/{sessionId} Delete Session Complete
GET /status Status Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/timeouts Get Timeouts Not yet implemented
POST /session/{sessionId}/timeouts Set Timeouts Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/url Get Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/url Get Current URL Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/back Back Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/forward Forward Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/refresh Refresh Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/title Get Title Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/window Get Window Handle Complete
DELETE /session/{sessionId}/window Close Window Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/window Switch To Window Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/frame Switch To Frame Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/frame/parent Switch To Parent Frame Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/window/handles Get Window Handles Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/window/rect Get Window Rect Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/window/rect Set Window Rect Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/window/maximize Maximize Window Not yet implemented
POST /session/{sessionId}/window/fullscreen Fullscreen Window Not yet implemented
POST /session/{sessionId}/element Find Element Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/elements Find Elements Complete
POST /session/{session id}/element/{element id}/element Find Element From Element Complete
POST /session/{session id}/element/{element id}/elements Find Elements From Element Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/element/{elementId}/selected Is Element Selected Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/element/{elementId}/attribute/{name} Get Element Attribute Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/element/{elementId}/property/{name} Get Element Property Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/element/{elementId}/css/{propertyName} Get Element CSS Value Not yet implemented
GET /session/{sessionId}/element/{elementId}/text Get Element Text Incomplete Normalized innerText is returned but selenium algorithm is not implemented
GET /session/{sessionId}/element/{elementId}/name Get Element Tag Name Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/element/{elementId}/rect Get Element Rect Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/element/{elementId}/enabled Is Element Enabled Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/source Get Page Source Not yet implemented
POST /session/{sessionId}/execute/sync Execute Script Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/execute/async Execute Async Script Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/actions Perform Actions Not yet implemented
POST /session/{sessionId}/element/{elementId}/click Element Click Partially complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/element/{elementId}/clear Element Clear Partially complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/element/{elementId}/value Element Send Keys Partially complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/cookie/{name} Get Cookie Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/cookie Add Cookie Complete
DELETE /session/{sessionId}/cookie/{name} Delete Cookie Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/dismiss/alert Dismiss Alert Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/alert/accept Accept Alert Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/alert/text Get Alert Text Complete
POST /session/{sessionId}/alert/text Send Alert Text Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/screenshot Take Screenshot Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/element/{elementId}/screenshot Take Element Screenshot Complete
GET /session/{sessionId}/element/{elementId}/displayed Is Element Displayed Complete