Change History for WebInspectorDebugging

Version Date Author Comment
11 3 years
10 3 years Joseph Pecoraro May need Terminal Full Disk Access to enable debugging for Open Source …
9 4 years Joseph Pecoraro Remove some stale sections and mention InspectorTest.debug
8 6 years BJ Burg How to disable combining test resources.
7 6 years BJ Burg
6 6 years BJ Burg Instructions about debug logging for WKTR
5 6 years Joseph Pecoraro Added WebKitDebug prefix to log to system console.
4 6 years Joseph Pecoraro Added new WebKitDebug prefix for local inspector debugging.
3 7 years BJ Burg add defaults key for inspecting the remote inspector.
2 7 years Brian Burg
1 7 years Brian Burg