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     6q form ken russell: do you plan to look at rAf for workers?
     8chris lord: IT is implemented, yes.
     10jon willander: I am intersted in cookies.. As we know the implementation differs in ports. There are some new requests in HTTP... do you have requests/bugs? Would you be willing to work with us on that spec?
     12adrian: I think we have not had terrible amounts of compat issues or bugs. But, I think it hasn't been a lot... Maybe patrick can comment?
     14john w: Cookies have been traditionally seen as a pure state mechanism, but there has now been something about context and, for example partitioning per origin or per site
     16Michael C: While we haven't had a lot of issues, when we do have them it is where we differ from the other browsers, I'm sure that the developers of libsoup would be interested in aligning... I think the cookie spec changes are quite complicated
     18john w: cookies are never easy
     20Michael C: More collaboration is definitely good in helping us understand
     22Jigen Zhou: Can you say more about the SVG improvements?
     24Brian K: There is a break out / talk on that later, Niko is going to give... Is there anything to say in summary?
     26Brian K: Is there any thoughts on the webauthn2?
     28maciej: apple has plans and goals here? What is the specific issue
     32john w: Thoughts on the bird proposals/etc in the ad space
     34brian k: we haven't had specific discussions on each of them, except perhaps some particular issues about some google things - nothing I am prepared to comment on well here... curious for your thoughts