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     1== WebKit2 - High Level Document ==
     3WebKit2 is a new C-based non-blocking API to WebKit. This allows WebCore, and all the heavy lifting it does, to be done in a separate context, be that a background-thread or background-process.
     6== API: ==
     8In order to achieve the goal of a non-blocking API, several techniques are used to make the API usable while still providing a comprehensive set of features to the embedder. These techniques include:
     9  - Notification style client callbacks (e.g. didFinishLoadForFrame)
     10    These inform the embedder that something has happened, but do not give
     11    them the chance to do anything about it.
     12  - Policy style clients callbacks (e.g. decidePolicyForNavigationAction)
     13    These allow the embedder to decide on an action at their leisure,
     14    notifying the page through a listener object.
     15  - Policy settings (e.g. WKContextSetCacheModel, WKContextSetPopupPolicy)
     16    These allow the embedder to opt into a predefined policy without any
     17    callbacks into the UIProcess. These can either be an enumerated set of
     18    specific policies, or something more fine-grained, such as a list of
     19    strings with wildcards.
     20  - Injected code (e.g. WebBundle)
     21    Code can be loaded into the WebProcess for cases where all the other
     22    options fail. This can useful when access to the DOM is required.
     23    [Planned, but not currently implemented]
     25The major API classes are:
     28  - Encapsulates all pages related to specific use of WebKit. All pages in
     29    this context share the same visited link set, local storage set, and
     30    preferences.
     33  - Encapsulates all pages that can script each other.
     36  - Basic unit of browsing. Stays the same as the main frame changes.
     39  - Native view that hooks into the platform's toolkit. On Windows, this wraps
     40    a HWND. On the Mac, it inherits from NSView.