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Redesign & Updates

What can we as a project do to make our website and other external artifacts work better to get the message out about what we are doing, etc.

  • Existing website is very disorganized.
    • Blog is not especially up-to-date.
    • Planet is out of date.

Content Plan

Our audience:

  • Existing contributors
  • Prospective contributors
  • Web developers who are looking for reference materials.


  • Build trust
  • Educate and Delight
  • Engage

Content Plan

  • Up-to-date references
  • Regular articles
  • Feature spotlights
  • Epic Tech Dives!
  • Contributor Resources
  • Plans


  • WordPress Powered site (backed by Trac)
  • Want to keep same credentials we use for svn to reduce overhead on users (having to create separate accounts).
  • Want to avoid the "staleness" of the current Wiki, and deal with lack of context and difficulty in finding things.

  • A portal to show current changes and activity in the project.
  • Evangelists and project managers from other companies are "telling the story of WebKit", and don't do as good a job as we can.
  • We should take ownership of this and present relevant information to our viewers.
  • We should do a better job of explaining where we have implemented features, versus when they have shipped.
  • Proposal:
    • Create a JSON file of features. Engineers update this file as they work on features.
    • Need a script to check the syntax of the file, perhaps a test page that shows you what your change will look like.
    • Lots of fear that this will not be updated and kept current.
    • Several tools and possible approaches were discussed, along with pros and cons.
  • For policy documents, we should use some kind of MarkDown-based system.
  • For things that change only rarely, and that need oversight and careful review, we need something more.