Changes between Version 40 and Version 41 of WebKitGTK/2.24.x

Apr 4, 2019 11:00:48 AM (4 years ago)
Michael Catanzaro

Reviewed safari-607-branch commits through r243778


  • WebKitGTK/2.24.x

    v40 v41  
    2525    * ''REGRESSION(r243058): [GStreamer] 3 tests now timing out''
    2626    * ''[GStreamer] Switch back to webkitwebsrc for adaptive streaming fragments downloading''
     27  * ''Structure::flattenDictionary() should clear unused property slots.''
    2728  * ''Reparenting during a mutation event inside appendChild could result in a circular DOM tree''
    2829    * ''Rebaseline the test after r243175. It got somehow landed with failing expectations.''
    29   *   * ''Fix possible memory leak when dismissing a color picker''
     30  * ''Cap length of an array with spread to MIN_ARRAY_STORAGE_CONSTRUCTION_LENGTH.''
     31  * ''Fix possible memory leak when dismissing a color picker''
    3032  * ''appendChild should throw when inserting an ancestor of a template into its content adopted to another document''
    3133  * ''Do not insert the first-letter anonymous container until after we've constructed the first-letter renderer.''
     34  * ''Inband Text Track cues interspersed with Data cues can display out of order.''
    3235  * ''[GTK][WPE] Do not allow changes in active URI before provisional load starts for non-API requests''
    3336  * ''Assertion failure !isInAcceleratedCompositingMode() in DrawingAreaProxyCoordinatedGraphics::incorporateUpdate when forceCompositingMode is turned on''
     37  * ''vertexAttribPointer must restrict offset parameter''
    3438  * ''[FreeType] Incorrect application of glyph positioning in the Y direction''
    3539  * ''[WPE][GTK] webkit_web_resource_get_data_finish can return NULL without setting error''