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WebKitGTK+ Dependencies

This is the list of direct dependencies of WebKitGTK+, the ones we check when building. There are also indirect dependencies as required by the direct dependencies (for example cairo requires libpixman). There's a set of required dependencies and some others are optional, but required to enabled some features (for example you need GStreamer to have audio/video support).

We have a policy of not bumping minimum requirements of the dependencies unless it's really necessary (important security issues, crashes, etc.), however for some of the dependencies we encourage to use a newer version, as features will be disabled at build time if you don't have a newer version.

Name Description Required Minimum Version Recommended Version Comments
glib Platform abstraction library Yes 2.33.2 >= 2.42.0 TLS backend required, typically glib-networking. Recommend glib-networking >= 2.44.
cairo 2D graphics rendering Yes 1.10.2 >= 1.14.0
fontconfig Fonts access and configuration Yes 2.8.0 -
freetype Font engine Yes 2.4.2 -
harfbuzz Text shaping engine Yes 0.9.2 -
icu Unicode and internationalization support Yes - -
libjpeg JPEG library Yes - -
libpng PNG library Yes - -
libwebp WebP library Yes - -
gtk+-3 GTK+ toolkit Yes 3.6.0 (X11 target), 3.12.0 (Wayland target) >= 3.14.0
atk Accessibility Yes - -
libxml XML library Yes 2.8.0 -
libxslt XSLT library Yes 1.1.7 -
libsoup Networking library Yes 2.42.0 >=
sqlite SQLite library Yes - -
gnutls Secure communications library No 3.0.0 >= 3.3.x Strongly recommended. Indirectly required if you use glib-networking. Distributors should consider the license obligations
gstreamer Multimedia library No 1.0.3 >= 1.2.0 Required by default, use -DENABLE_VIDEO=OFF -DENABLE_WEB_AUDIO=OFF to build without GStreamer
LibX11 X11 library No - - Required by default, use -DENABLE_X11_TARGET=OFF -DENABLE_WAYLAND_TARGET=ON
OpenGL/EGL OpenGL libraries No - -
gtk+-2 GTK+ toolkit (version 2) No 2.24.10 - GTK+2 is currently only used by the plugin process to load GTK+2 based plugins like flash, use -DENABLE_PLUGIN_PROCESS_GTK2=OFF to disable it
geoclue Geolocation library No 2.1.5 - Used automatically if found, use -DENABLE_GEOLOCATION=OFF to explicitly disable it
libnotify Desktop notifications No - - Used automatically if found
libsecret Passwords management No - - Used automatically if found, use -DENABLE_CREDENTIAL_STORAGE=OFF to explicitly disable it
enchant Spellchecking library No - - Required by default, use -DENABLE_SPELLCHECK=OFF to disable it
gobject-introspection Automatic bindings for public API No - - This is a build time only dependency. Used automatically if found, use -DENABLE_INTROSPECTION=OFF to disable it
gtk-doc API documentation generator No - - This is a build time only dependency. Used by default, use -DENABLE_GTKDOC=OFF to not build the API documentation