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     1= Using Eclipse CDT for developing WebKitGTK+ =
     3This document is a howto about using Eclipse CDT to develop WebKitGTK+
     6== Getting Eclipse ==
     8We recommend downloading and installing the last release of Eclipse CDT directly from the official website:
     9At least on Debian, the packaged version of Eclipse CDT is really ancient.
     11== Increasing memory limits ==
     13When Eclipse's indexer tries to process the WebKit source, Eclipse will need considerably more memory than it allows itself out of the box. You should increase its memory limits using the eclipse.ini in your installation directory. Set something like -Xms1G -Xmx3G -XX:MaxPermSize=1G (initial heap space of 1 GB, max heap space of 3 GB, max perm-gen space of 1 GB).
     15If you fail to increase these limits then you will likely find that Eclipse hangs when you try to index or work with the WebKit source later on.
     17== Generating and importing the project into Eclipse ==
     19The build system of WebKitGTK+ comes with a feature to auto-generate an Eclipse project that later you can import directly. To get this feature working you have to take care of the following:
     211. Ensure that eclipse is in your PATH. The autogenerator only triggers when it can find eclipse on your PATH.
     24$ which eclipse
     25# The above command should return the complete path to your eclipse binary.
     282. If you have just installed eclipse (it was not on your PATH before), then start with a clean build
     31rm -fr WebKitBuild/Release
     343. Build WebKitGTK+ as usual, and after that ensure to create the following symlinks
     37$ Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --gtk
     38$ ln -fs WebKitBuild/Release/.project .
     39$ ln -fs WebKitBuild/Release/.cproject .
     424. Now import the project into eclipse
     441. File -> Import -> Existing Projects into Workspace -> Next
     452. Input the path to where WebKitGTK+ is located
     463. Select the project name that appears and click on Finish
     49== Further information ==
     51Check the Mozilla wiki regarding the usage of Eclipse CDT, they have some tips that you may find useful: