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    55This policy means that WebKit may require a new version of GCC sooner than you might prefer. Because Apple does not use GCC to develop WebKit, and because of the relatively high number of compatibility issues caused by supporting GCC, we should be grateful that it is still possible to build WebKit with GCC at all. Unless you are able to upgrade your systems to newer GCCs on a regular basis, it is expected that your system GCC may not be new enough to build WebKit. We urge you to consider building with a different compiler if your system compiler is too old. If you choose to stop building new versions of WebKit as a result of an increased GCC version requirement, rather than building with a newer compiler, your users will be left vulnerable to numerous security vulnerabilities that are fixed in newer versions.
     7= Outlook as of July 2019 =
     9Interpreting the [[DependenciesPolicy]] as of July 2019, we conclude that Ubuntu 18.04 will remain supported until April 2021, one year after the release of Ubuntu 20.04. We also conclude that Debian Buster will remain supported until one year after the release of Debian Bullseye, which doesn't have a set release date but is likely to occur during the second half of 2021. Therefore, Debian Buster will likely be supported until the second half of 2022. Knowing the versions of GCC, Clang, and libstdc++ provided by Ubuntu 18.04 and Debian Buster, we conclude:
     11 * (GCC 7 OR Clang 6) AND libstdc++ 7, the versions in Ubuntu 18.04, will be supported until April 2021
     12 * (GCC 8 OR Clang 7) AND libstdc++ 8, the versions in Debian Buster, will be supported until, roughly, late 2022