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    11Maintaining a WebKit port is a lot of work. Here are some suggestions that may help.
    3 == Watch Bugzilla
     3== Watching the Project
    55Bug watching is one of the most important tasks for any software project. All developers should watch the user in [ email preferences]. This address is automatically CCed on all bugs created in the WebKitGTK product. If reporting a bug against other products, you should manually CC this address. This way, you can watch what other developers are doing. Watching bugs can be very time-consuming, so it often makes sense to skim bugs that are of peripheral interest to you, but if you're not watching the shared address at all then it will be impossible to be aware of important bugs and issues of the day and you will not be an effective developer.
    77It's also useful to view saved searches from time to time. From the [ saved searches] preferences in Bugzilla, you can subscribe to searches shared by others, or create your own. Most developers would benefit from subscribing to the GTK/WPE Bugs search, for example, and reviewing it from time to time. Other useful searches there exist for subcategories of bugs, including accessibility bugs, font bugs, multimedia bugs, and networking bugs. Subscribing to searches here will not affect the email you receive; it will just create a link to the search in your Bugzilla footer, where you can manually review the search results from time to time.
     9Optional: you can also watch trac. [ It has an RSS feed.] This would be impractical to follow closely, but it can be skimmed to give you a good idea of what is going on in WebKit. Note the feed is limited to 50 revisions, so you will miss revisions unless you check it daily.
    911== Zero Warnings