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WebKit2GTK+ Roadmap

WebKitGTK+ 2.0 (GNOME 3.6)

The main goal is to have a first stable release of the WebKit2GTK API, ready to port applications like Epiphany without major regressions. Early in the development cycle we should be able to port applications like yelp

Task Bug numbers Primary contacts Status Target version
Fullscreen API #76166 PhilippeNormand, CarlosGarciaCampos done 1.9.1
Windowed plugins #61065 CarlosGarciaCampos done 1.9.1
Run JavaScript #75543 CarlosGarciaCampos done 1.9.1
Resources API #79477 CarlosGarciaCampos done 1.9.1
Cookies #82441, #82598 CarlosGarciaCampos done 1.9.1
WebKitWebView::run-file-chooser #78491 MarioSanchezPrada done 1.9.2
Context Menu API #81011 CarlosGarciaCampos patch 1.9.2
Persistent cookies #83016 CarlosGarciaCampos patch 1.9.2
Console messages #79918 CarlosGarciaCampos patch 1.9.2
ShowModalDialog #79500 MarioSanchezPrada patch 1.9.2
Custom URI schemes #84130 CarlosGarciaCampos patch 1.9.2
WebKitWebResource::send-request signal #83681 CarlosGarciaCampos patch 1.9.2
Geolocation #83876 MarioSanchezPrada ongoing 1.9.2
IME Support #84556 Martin Robinson ongoing 1.9.90
Accelerated compositing Martin Robinson ongoing 1.9.90
WebAudio #61355 Philippe Normand ongoing 1.9.90
Favicons API SergioVillar todo 1.9.90
Authentication dialog API Martin Robinson todo 1.9.90
Proper default user agent and user agent API Martin Robinson todo 1.9.90
Print Preview #79226 CarlosGarciaCampos todo 1.9.90
canShowMIMEType() todo 1.9.90
Inspector todo 1.9.90
Plugin Database API todo 1.9.90
Hit Test todo 1.9.90
Spell Checking todo 1.9.90
Win32 support (printing, IPC, etc.) todo

WebKitGTK+ 1.8 (GNOME 3.4)

The main goal is to have enough API to port applications that use a small part for the API like Devhelp or Liferea.

Task Bug numbers Primary contacts Status
Find API #76070, #77747, #76522 SergioVillar done
Zoom API #75249, #75252 CarlosGarciaCampos done