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    99  Firefox uses Pango. Firefox 2 was hacked to use PangoLayout API. That was very abusive and inherently inefficient. Firefox 3 has got a new layout engine that is completely based on cairo. The Linux port subclasses PangoFcFontMap to be able to support both CSS text selection as well as web fonts. By doing that it is essentially reimplementing most of Pango and only using the shaping logic. It makes much more sense to use HarfBuzz directly, and Mozilla is now working on getting HarfBuzz ready for that.
    1010Additionally, using HarfBuzz directly will allow us to share layout and shaping code with Chromium.
     12= Font Bugs =
     13A collection of font-related bugs from Bugzilla:
     15 * [ FontCustomPlatformData.cpp leaks FT_Faces]
     16 * [ Can't load some non-latin fonts with pango backend]
     17 * [ Downloadable fonts don't work with pango backend]
     18 * [ WebKit crashes when running acid3 on Linux using font backend Pango]
     19 * [ FontConfig leaks in FontCacheGtk]
     20 * [ Has inconsistent font selection behavior compared with other GTK2 apps]
     21 * [ Share complex text support with Chromium Linux]
     22 * [ Split FontPlatformData into FontPlatformDataGtk and FontPlatformDataPango]
     23 * [ Wrong font size calculated on]