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The Web IDL is a language that defines how WebCore interfaces are bound to external languages such as JavaScriptCore, V8, ObjC, GObject and CPP. We need to write IDL files (e.g. XMLHttpRequest.idl, Element.idl, etc) to expose WebCore interfaces to those external languages. When WebKit is built, the IDL files are parsed, and the code to "bind" WebCore implementations and JavaScriptCore/V8/ObjC/GObject/CPP interfaces is automatically generated.

This page describes practical information about how the IDL binding works and how we can write IDL files in WebKit. The syntax of IDL files are fairly well documented in the Web IDL spec, but (1) it is too formal to read:-) and (2) WebKit uses a bit different syntax due to implementation issues.

Basics of the IDL

How the IDL binding works






IDL attributes