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Here are the steps I had to take to build WebKit on Windows 8.1 without Cygwin (Apple Win port)

  1. Install the following programs:
    1. Visual Studio.
    2. ActiveState Perl. 64-bit is fine.
    3. ActiveState Python. Make sure it's version 2.x instead of 3.x. 64-bit is fine. Make sure you don't download it from because we hardcode the executable name as "python2.7" and the python doesn't include an executable with that name.
    4. Ruby. 64-bit is fine.
    5. Bison. Make sure that the installation path does not have spaces in it, because Bison does not correctly quote paths when passing them to m4.
    6. Gperf.
    7. Flex.
    8. GNU Make.
    9. Git. Note: Make sure you select the option "Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt." This is because it installs a sh.exe in your path, and if the location of that sh.exe has spaces in it, Make gets confused. When I installed this, I unchecked all the options.
    10. Old version of the DirectX SDK. Note that this installation will create environment variables which your shell must see. If it doesn't, reboot. At some point we should try to migrate off of this old version (and on to the version inside the Windows SDK) if possible.
    11. (Optional: If you intend to interact with Subversion patches) Subversion.
  1. Make sure all the programs you just installed (except Visual Studio) are accessible through your $PATH. You may be required to reboot after modifying $PATH before new shells will see the updated variable.
  1. > git clone git://
  1. > cd WebKit
  1. (Optional: If you intend to interact with Subversionpatches) Automatically configure the local clone to follow Subversion: > python Tools\Scripts\webkit-patch setup-git-clone
  1. Download the WebKit Support Libraries to the root of your source tree If the file is incorrectly named, rename it to Do not extract its contents. This archive includes an SDK for the Windows builds of the Apple stack of software (like CoreGraphics, for example).
  1. > cd Tools\Scripts
  1. > perl update-webkit Note that this command will automatically download from Apple and extract it into your tree (inside the WebKitLibraries folder). This archive includes Windows builds of all the public libraries that WebKit depends on (like libxml2). Note also that this command might set environment variables.
  1. If the above command asks you to reboot your machine, do so
  1. > perl build-webkit Note that this command will automatically extract (which you downloaded in step 6) into your tree (inside the WebKitLibraries folder).

If you have any problems, please file bugs on or Brent Fulgham