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Here are the steps I had to take to build WebKit on Windows 8.1 without Cygwin (Apple Win port)

  1. Do NOT install Git from or This package will install a sh.exe next to git.exe (so it will therefore be in your $PATH), at a location which has spaces in it. This confuses GNU Make.
  2. Install Visual Studio.
  3. Install ActiveState Perl. 64-bit is fine.
  4. Install ActiveState Python. Make sure it's version 2.x instead of 3.x. 64-bit is fine. Make sure you don't download it from because we hardcode the executable name as "python2.7" and the python doesn't include an executable with that name.
  5. Install Ruby. 64-bit is fine.
  6. Install Gperf.
  7. Install Bison.
  8. Install GNU Make.

TODO: Finish this