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Clutter WebKit port

The Clutter port of WebKit is a project to provide a web browser actor for Clutter and an MxWidget for Mx. This port is currently maintained outside of the official WebKit tree.

Obtaining the Clutter port

Currently the port is developed in a git repository at

Building the Clutter port

You can use the standard build-webkit script:

$ ./Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --clutter

Or you can use the standard autotools commands. It is recommended to make a separate build directory setting, like this:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ ../ --with-port=clutter
$ make

What is coming

Now that the base functionality is already there, we are looking at these improvements, in rough order of priority:

  • CSS3 transforms, translations and animations: use Clutter to implement those, reusing the animation API and reducing the amount of composition that is currently done with Cairo
  • Accelerated composition: the final composition of the page is very slow in cairo, if every layer is a texture (and is cached when possible), that composition can happen in the GPU
  • Removing VideoSinkGStreamer.cpp: rendering inline video straight to a texture and compositing in the GPU
  • Cogl backend for Cairo: So we move more work from the CPU to the GPU
  • WebGL: Reuse the existing implementation with OpenGL to render to a FBO and pass it to Clutter/Cogl for compositing